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Don’t Buy My New Book! (let me explain why; also free version available)

Oct 12, 2011

I have a brand-new book that has just been released called The One Minute To-Do List. In some ways, I’m more excited about this book than any other book I’ve written. Why? Because it’s a book for the masses. It’s a quick yet thorough introduction on how to manage a to-do list using my urgency zone approach. And at the end of the book I give a nice quick lesson on MYN. All in just 116 pages. Which brings me to my point…

If you are already an MYN user then you don’t need this new book! Please don’t buy it and then complain that it is a rehash of what you learned before. Okay? I want only great reviews of this book. So if you’ve read my other books, or taken my classes, and are actively using an MYN task list either on Outlook, ToodleDo, or paper, you don’t need this book!

A Book for Beginners, and for “Re-starters”

That said, if you are new to MYN, or if you’ve tried to start the MYN material a few times and failed, then yes get the book; this book is exactly what you need to get started or restarted. That’s because it’s a short and quick getting-started guide that focuses entirely on creating a powerful to-do list quickly. It provides a very simple explanation of the urgency zone theory and approach, and it works really well. So if you struggled to get started with MYN before, this book is the answer. It’s easy to read, short, and simple.

Instead Download the Complete PDF eBook Free

You don’t even need to buy it.

Why? Because I’m giving away the complete book at no charge, at least the PDF eBook version of the book. That’s right; you can download the complete book as my gift to you. Why on earth would I do that? I’m trying an experiment. I want this book to go viral. I want you to download it, and then give it away to your friends, and I want them to give it to their friends. Hopefully, eventually, millions of people will receive the PDF book and then some percentage will buy the paper book and I’ll come out ahead.

Click Here to Download the Complimentary PDF eBook

Okay, Maybe Buy the Paperback Version at a Deep Discount

I know that when reading many books I prefer the paper version. So if this book is for you, and you’d like the paper version also, sure, buy it, but don’t pay retail. I am selling a limited number of this new book on my web store for only $6.47. That’s 50% off the retail price of $12.95. That’s way less than Amazon; it’s currently listed on Amazon for about 10 bucks. At $6.47 you should get copies for your friends—it’s a fantastic quick introduction to my material and a great way to get them started. By the way, we currently only have 480 of these at this price, so order now.

Click here to Buy the Paper book for only $6.47 (limited number)

What’s in the book? How is it different from my other books?

So what’s in the book and how is it different from my other book? Well, first of all, it’s a nice small, thin, book (only 116 pages). And it gets to the point quickly; within the first 40 pages you’ll be up a running. Even the most book-adverse person will like it and be able to read it. Next, it shows you how to get started immediately on paper, or in a computer, using a Word doc, or Outlook, or ToodleDo. No complicated set up. It also covers mobile versions. And it contains links to free self-training videos that help you to get started on the computer and mobile versions. It’s just a really nice quick way to get started with my powerful approach to managing your to-do list and workday.

So get the book today, either download the complimentary PDF eBook, or buy the discounted paperback.

One More Thing: This Book Represents the Start of Our Two-Tier Training Model

There’s another important aspect of this book you may want to know about. This book begins the rollout of a two-tier training approach from my company. Beginning soon, we are going to offer two layers of training: the simple One Minute To-Do List training for those who want to get started quickly, and the MYN training we’ve offered before that will represent the more complete level. The simple One Minute To-Do List training will be short and quick—an hour or two. In contrast MYN will be positioned as a 6-hour-plus curriculum for those that want to commit to a full solution.

What are the key differences? MYN provides the solution for those who are managing larger numbers of tasks (100 or more at any given time). It emphasizes the use of the start date field for scheduling tasks, the use of FRESH prioritization, and using Defer-to-Review to keep your list under control. Because of that, MYN will require the use of Outlook or ToodleDo. The current courses on MYN Outlook will continue as is, and titles to cover ToodleDo training will be added for non-Outlook users.

The One Minute To-Do List training in contrast will focus on the basic three-part to-do list using urgency zones—no start-dates. And while you’ll learn optional software solutions, there will be less complexity and no complicated software training. Again, the keyword here is “simple.” People who take the One Minute To-Do List training can later advance on to the MYN level if they wish.

New Video Courses Coming

With all that training in mind, we’ll be announcing soon the release of new paid video courses; we have three in the works. The first is a video course version of The One Minute To-Do List book. The second is a video course version of our MYN Outlook training—essentially our webinar in a self-study package. And the third will be MYN training in ToodleDo (ToodleDo, again, is the web-based solution for those people who do not want to, or can’t, use Outlook). So keep an eye on our newsletters for announcements of those packages.


That’s it! Download your complimentary PDF version of the book today, and perhaps buy the paper version as well. And if you get the PDF version, pass it along. Give it to all your friends. Enjoy the book!

Michael Linenberger

Comments (2)

M@rtinOctober 21st, 2011 at 11:52 pm

Dear Michael,

thank your for sharing the electronic version of your book!
Is there also a software for MacOS X which has the necessary features to set up a MYWN or 1MTD working environment?

toodledo seems to be web based, so for people who do not want to save their personal (or even confidential) information on “any” server and do not have permanent internet access (nor a smartphone), this is no solution, unfortunately.

adminOctober 24th, 2011 at 10:42 am

Really, any application that allows you to create 3 lists or allows you to group tasks in 3 priority groups will work for the basic 1MTD. Just start exploring the large number of mac task apps out there, I bet you will find many that allow you to do that. Someone told be Things for Mac can be used (I have not tested it).
As to one eligible for full MYN settings (start dates etc), we have not yet studied any non-server based apps for that (we encounter few people as concerned as you about server data, though I get your point). So if you find one, do let me know, I’d appreciate it!
Good luck!